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News: The TAG Heuer Connected X Super Mario

TAG Heuer first released its take on the smartwatch almost six years ago. Predictably, the Connected has evolved over the years, taking on new materials like ceramic and incorporating the newest wearable tech. However, what no one saw coming was a collaboration between TAG Heuer, its luxury smartwatch, and everyone’s favourite plumber.

Mario influences a lot on this watch—and I mean a lot. First, we have the animated watch face and bezel. Mario greets you when you first pick up the watch. While this animation serves no actual purpose—other than to make you smile—the more practical animations are reserved for fitness.

Fitness is at the heart of every smartwatch—so why not have Mario spur you on throughout the day? Coupled with the bezel, the Mario animation tracks your activity. At 25% completion of your daily goal, the Super Mushroom on the bezel lights up and causes Mario to grow in size. At 50%, the Warp Pipe lights up, and Mario can be seen standing on a pipe. 75% sees the Super Star on the bezel light up, and an invincible Mario appears. Finally, at 100%, the TAG Heuer logo lights up, and Mario can be seen wrapped around a flagpole, just like at the end of every level in the game.

In addition to that quirky little feature, we can see red accents all across this 45mm steel watch, as well as an “M” on the crown and clasp of the very red accompanying strap.

At this point in a review, I’d normally spin the watch over to take a look at the movement—but alas, I cannot, this is a smartwatch after all. Instead, upon flipping the watch over, we are greeted with a solid caseback—behind which is all the tech that keeps this watch alive—and several sensors that allow this watch to track smartwatchy things like your heart rate.

For those of you that are wondering, this watch lasts about a day with regular usage—rechargeable within 1 hour and 30 minutes—utilizes the Google Wear OS operating software and is water-resistant to 50 meters, which means it should be able to handle those underwater levels fine.

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